The use of vaporizers is the healthiest way to consume cannabis, because vaporizing cannabis avoids the consumption of tobacco and the harmful substances emitted by combustion.
The function of the vaporizers is very simple, they have a resistance that heats the herb to an exact temperature chosen by the consumer (ideal for cannabis is 190ºC), causing the trichomes to evaporate (which is where the THC levels are most high), but at no time does the grass burn, so when we smoke we will not expel smoke.
By vaporizing only the trichomes the effect will be much more powerful and clear, so we will be more placed with less amount of cannabis.In addition, there are also vaporizers in which we can smoke different types of oils or liquids.
These products are indicated for medicinal or therapeutic purposes, taking advantage of 100% of the effect. So you can find different models and brands that correspond to the user's needs, whether they are portable vaporizers, tabletop vaporizers, electric vaporizers, etc.
Some brands that you will find are: Volcano, DaVinci, Kalumet ..

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KALUMET WEDA + Portable Vaporizer

Vaporizer Price : 89,10 € 80,19 €

Kalumet Naira Vaporizer

Price Vaporizer : 35,94 €

Kalumet Pejula Bubbler vaporizer

Price Vaporizer : 53,94 €

TSUNAMI F3 Vaporizer (3 in 1)


Siroco Pepita Seeds vaporizer

Vaporizer Price : 29,95 €

T2 Kalumet Accesory

Price of kalumet T2 accessory : 18,90 €


Price Vaporizer : 460 €

Showing 1 - 15 of 9 results