Oidioprot from Prot-eco is an ecological powder fungicide for the control of Oidium and diseases in marijuana plants.

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What is Oidioprot?

Oidioprot is a powdered product that is used to combat fungal diseases such as oidium. Oidioprot is an ecological product, it is not toxic and leaves no residue. Oidium is a disease in plants caused by fungi, visually it is like a layer of cotton on top of the leaves, it can develop both in the growth period and in flowering.

How to use Oidioprot

In outdoor crops we recommend two applications of oidioprot, make the first application spraying the entire plant, allow 3 to 5 days to pass and make the second application.

In indoor or greenhouse crops if the attack is severe, make two applications of Oidioprot, make the first application by spraying the entire plant, allow 6 to 7 days and apply a second application.

If the disease continues after the two applications, repeat the same operation every 10 - 15 days.

Preventive mode: Apply Oidioprot every 10 or 15 days to prevent powdery mildew.
We can use Oidioprot up to 15 days before harvest.

Oidioprot dosage:

Mix 5gr of Oidioprot for each liter of water.

In very small plants, cuttings or seedlings reduce the dose to 4gr / l.

Apply oidioprot in hours of low light or before turning off artificial lights. Otherwise the leaves could burn.

For more information consult the Prot-eco table.

Oidioprot Combinations

Oidioprot + Cinnaprot: ideal mixture for strong attacks of Oidium.

Oidioprot + Equiprot: Accelerates the drying of the fungus.

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