Everything you need to know about 'Biobizz'

Everything you need to know about 'Biobizz'

  • Saturday, 14th November 2020

Biobizz feeding schedule, fertilizers and instructions for use

Biobizz World Wide Organics is a company dedicated to the production and export of 100% certified organic nutrients and substrates for organic agriculture, the objective of which is to minimize the impact of this crop on the planet.

Organic farming aims to make the most of what nature offers and rejects all types of artificial additives, synthetic pesticides or heavy metals in products.

Organic farming gives very rewarding results in terms of the harvest, which is abundant, the plants are healthier, the flowers are lush and the flavor is intense and natural. In our online grow shop we tell you everything in detail!


Biobizz Brand History

Biobizz has almost thirty years of history and experience. It was born in 1992 in Groningen, Holland, the cradle of marijuana cultivation. They started as a small family business, with a much smaller line of products, but they already had a strong ideology of natural and organic agriculture.

Since then, the brand has not stopped growing. Currently, Biobizz is present in more than 64 countries located in Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Australia.

In Spain, Biobizz's headquarters are in Bilbao, where they have located most of the brand's departments, but they also have offices and auxiliary warehouses in Barcelona.

Growing with Biobizz fertilizers and instructions for use

Our store Calle25 has all the products of the Biobizz nutrients. In the below lines we show and describe you everything we have in stock and online so you can purchase them! As you can see, we offer you from fertilizers (liquid and dry) to stimulants, activators, fortifiers, substrates, packs, enhancers and supplements.

Biobizz Root Juice

Root Juice aims to make spectacular and strong roots of your plant. Composed of seaweed and premium humic acid, it has been specially made to promote vigorous root development and enhance the natural biological life that surrounds and supports the root system of plants. This product is useful both in the initial stage of rooting and in those already rooted.

Biobizz Root Juice

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The best time to apply this product is during the first two weeks of growth, as this is the time when the plants develop more roots.

Biobizz recommends a dose of between 1 and 4 ml of Root Juice for every liter of water.

Biobizz Root Juice Dosage Schedule:

Tabla root juice


Biobizz Fish Mix

Fish Mix is an infusion of fish emulsion from the North Sea, mixed with extract of Dutch sugar beet. This product accelerates the growth of living organisms on the substrate.

You can spray it directly on the leaves during vegetative growth.

Biobizz Fish Mix

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Use this product preferably in the first stages of the plant's life, during the vegetative stages of growth, although it is also used in the flowering phase, specifically designed for outdoor crops.

Dose of Fish Mix with All Mix substrate or enriched: We recommend adding 1 ml of Fish Mix for each liter of water.

Dose of Fish Mix in Light Mix substrate or without nutrients: Mix 2-4 ml of Fish Mix per liter of water.

Biobizz Fish Mix Dosage Schedule:

Tabla Fish Mix


Biobizz Bio Grow

This is a liquid growth fertilizer, applicable to most types of soil and substrates. It is made up of Dutch sugar beet extract, which helps produce food for soil microbes to make it more productive.

Bio Grow can be used during the growth and flowering period. Begin to apply it when the first leaves appear.

Biobizz Bio Grow

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Using ALL MIX soil, the dosage of Bio-Grow will be a maximum of 1ml per liter of water. We will use this mixture from the second week of growth to the penultimate week of flowering, the last week we will water only with water.

Using LIGHT MIX soil, the dosage will be 1 to 4ml per liter of water. We will use this mixture from the second week of growth to the penultimate week of flowering, the last week we will water only with water.

Biobizz Bio Grow Dosage Schedule :

Tabla Bio Grow

Biobizz Bio Bloom

Bio Bloom is an excellent fertilizer to sprout lush flowers that bear tasty fruit. Its formula is a mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with enzymes and amino acids.

Biobizz Bio Bloom

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Shake the product well before use and add 1 to 4ml per liter of water. Apply at each watering and only during the flowering period.

We recommend adding the Top max flowering stimulator to Bio Bloom in the middle of flowering to get the most out of our plants.

Biobizz Bio Bloom Dosage Schedule :

Biobizz Bio Bloom

Biobizz Top Max

Top Max is a stimulating bloom enhancer. It releases calcium, iron and magnesium into the soil that stimulate the metabolism of the plant. This product is composed of humic acids and can be used throughout the entire flowering period. Blends well with the same brand substrate mixes.

Biobizz Top Max

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During the flowering period, from the third week on, add 1ml of Top Max per liter of water, increase the dose little by little to a maximum of 4ml of Top max per liter of water.

To obtain the best result, Top Max should be used together with Bio Bloom and Bio Grow.

Biobizz Top Max Dosage Schedule:

Biobizz Top Max

Biobizz Alg A Mic

This product is a stimulant that will rescue your plant if it has suffered from overfeeding, deficiencies, diseases or temperature fluctuations. It is composed of a concentrate of 100% organic seaweed and a low level of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). It can be added to any substrate during the flowering and growth period.

Biobizz Alg-A-Mic

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Irrigation dose: Mix 1-4ml of Alg a Mic for each liter of water and apply in each irrigation.

In spraying: Mix 1-3ml of Alg-a-Mic for every liter of water and spray on the lower part of the leaves once a week.

Biobizz Alg·A·Mic Dosage Schedule:

Tabla dosis Alg-A-Mic


Biobizz Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven is an enhancer that contains biological stimulants such as amino acids, essential for the structure and metabolism of the plant. It helps eliminate toxins by enhancing the antioxidant system of plants and repairs chlorophyll production. It can be used during the vegetative and flowering phase.

Biobizz Bio Heaven

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This product can be used during the entire growth and flowering phase, it can be applied in all types of crops and substrates, both in soil, coco substrate and with hydroponic systems.

Dosage When using All Mix or Light Mix substrate, the ideal is to start with 2 ml of Bio Heaven per liter of water and slowly increase the dose until reaching 5 ml/L of water.

For more information, consult Biobizz's complete Cultivation table.

Biobizz Bio Heaven Dosage Schedule :

Biobizz Bio heaven

Biobizz Acti Vera

Acti Vera has all the properties of a product concentrated in Aloe Vera. It will protect the immune system, increase germination and metabolism of plants. This product will improve the absorption of nutrients and the plants will grow stronger and healthier. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Biobizz Acti Vera

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This product can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants, both growing and flowering. In growth it stimulates the plants and they will grow with more vigor and in flowering it will help the formation of flowers.

Recommended dose in irrigation: 5ml of Acti Vera for each liter of water.

Recommended dose in foliar application: 1 to 2 ml of Acti vera for each liter of water, and spray on the leaves.

Biobizz Leaf Coat

Leaf Coat strengthens the leaves and protects them from harmful insects and fungus. It is composed of natural latex initially designed to prevent evaporation. In addition, it has no effect on the final taste of the harvest.

Biobizz Leaf Coat

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Dose: It is not necessary to mix Leaf Coat with water. It is applied directly from the bottle, preferably with a spray bottle. Spray the leaves and flowers completely, and repeat the operation about twice a week up to fifteen days before the end of the flowering period.

Within a few hours of application, a very thin elastic layer (1.5 microns thick) forms on the sheets. Its effects last up to two weeks, until it is decomposed naturally by the action of sunlight or artificial light.

Biobizz Calmag

This product adds an extra calcium and magnesium to the crop, two essential elements for the growth and flowering of the plant. Calmag corrects inadequate water, usually coming from the tap, and complements the deficiencies of the plant.

Biobizz CalMag

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Preventive dose in soil: Mix 0.3 ml / L of water until the sixth week, 0.5 ml / L from week 6 to week 8 and after week 8 increase the dose to 0.8 ml / L.

Preventive dose in hydroponics and coconut: mix 0.5 ml / liter of water until the sixth week, after the sixth week increase the dose to 1 ml / liter of water.

Dose to correct deficiency in soil: mix 0.3 to 0.8 ml / L of water until the sixth week, after the sixth week increase the dose to 0.5 - 0.8 ml / L of water and maintain that dose until week 8, after week 8 increase the dose to 0.8 - 1.2 ml / L of water.

Dose to correct deficiencies in hydroponics and coconut: mix 0.5 to 0.8 ml / L of water until the sixth week, after the sixth week add 1 to 1.4 ml / L of water.

Biobizz CalMag Dosage Schedule:

Biobizz CalMag

Biobizz Bio pH+

Bio pH+ up is used to naturally correct the pH of the plants so that they absorb the greatest amount of nutrients. This product is based on humic acids and it is possible to use it both during the vegetative period and the flowering period.

Biobizz Bio pH+

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Dosis: This product mixes the necessary Biobizz nutrients and measures the pH of the mix. Apply 0.1 ml of Bio·pH+ to increase the pH by 0.1 points. Add the required amount of Bio·pH+, stir for 10 seconds and measure the pH value again. Keep adding Bio·pH+ until you reach the optimum pH range of 6.2-6.5 and then you are ready to give the nutrient mix to your plants.

Biobizz Bio pH-

This product allows to adjust the pH quickly in any type of substrate and crop. The Bio pH- down formula is an aqueous solution made from citric acid. It can be used in each watering, in the vegetation and flowering period.

Biobizz pH-

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Dosage: Mix the necessary Biobizz nutrients and measure the pH of the mixture. Apply 0.1 ml of Bio·pH- to lower the pH by 0.5 points. Add the required amount of Bio·pH-, stir for 10 seconds and measure the pH value again. Continue adding Bio·pH- until you reach the optimum pH range of 6.2-6.5 and you are ready to give your plants the nutrient mix.

In our online store you will also find Biobizz Packs

Biobizz Starter Pack

Biobizz Starter pack

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Starters Pack includes everything you need to start your own growing adventure. It contains:

●     1L Bio Grow
●     1L Bio Bloom
●     500ml Top Max
●     250ml Root Juice
●     250ml Bio Heaven

Biobizz Try pack indoor

Biobizz Try pack

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To start growing indoors, this pack is perfect, try Biobizz's Try Pack Indoor. It contains:

●     250ml Bio Grow
●     250ml Bio Bloom
●     250ml Top Max

Biobizz Try Pack Outdoor 

Biobizz Try Pack Outdoor

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Ideal for growing outdoors, it can be combined with the rest of Try Packs to maximize your harvest. This combination offers basic nutrition for 1-4 plants. It contains:

●     250ml Fish Mix
●     250ml Bio Bloom
●     250ml Top Max

Biobizz Try pack Stimulant

Biobizz Try Pack Stimulant

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The Try Pack Stimulant is perfect for taking the extra step in organic growing with bigger plants, sweeter fruits and great results. It contains:

●     250ml Alg A Mic
●     250ml Top Max
●     250ml Root Juice

Biobizz Try Pack Hydro

Biobizz Try Pack Hydro

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This pack is perfect for growing the plant hydroponically, without soil, but being able to enjoy the natural flavour of an organic harvest. It contains:

●     250ml Bio Bloom
●     250ml Top Max
●     250ml Bio Heaven


Calle25 also has Biobizz substrates


Biobizz All Mix

All Mix is a pre-fertilized substrate mix that simulates an outdoor ground with a complete micro active ecosystem. Its component is prepared to maintain the growth of the plant for a couple of weeks without having to add any additional fertilizer. All Mix is composed of only natural organic elements.

Biobizz All Mix 50l

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Biobizz Light Mix

Light Mix offers the ideal base to promote the growth of seedlings, young and cuttings, right at the beginning. This product can produce organic catalysts that promote the quick development of root structures. Light Mix contains natural organic elements instead of magnesium or sulfates typical of synthetic fertilizers.

Biobizz Light Mix 50l

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Biobizz Coco Mix

A substrate composed of 100% organic coconut fiber. It is made from waste materials from the coconut industry, which has proven to be ideal for growing plants. It is a light and airy substrate, which has very little humidity and a neutral pH.

Biobizz Coco Mix 50l

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Biobizz substrate improvers available at Calle25


Biobizz Worm Hummus

This substrate improver made from 100% pure and organic worm feces is the perfect product to recycle All Mix. Add it to existing substrate mixes or prepare the subfloor of the garden.

Biobizz Worm Humus

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Biobizz Pre Mix

This product is optimal for the growth, flowering and maximum resistance of plants against diseases and problems with fungus. Pre Mix combines the qualities of different fertilizers, rock flours, trace elements and fungus. It can be used as a transplant or starter fertilizer. 

Biobizz Pre Mix

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Biobizz Certificates:

certificados Biobizz

Biobizz feeding Schedule

Biobizz feeding schedule can be interpreted both outdoors, indoors or for autoflowering plants. Next you will see how to use the biobizz table depending on the substrate you use.

ALL MIX Biobizz Feed Chart :

Tabla Biobizz

Light Mix & Coco Mix Biobizz Feed Chart :

tabla biobizz light mix

All information and feeding tables have been obtained from the Biobizz website.