Activated carbon filters or anti-odor systems are necessary only in indoor plant crops where the odors given off by the plants are really very strong.

The carbon filter is always connected to an air extractor and both must be of the same power, the air extractor is in charge of evacuating heat and odor neutralized air to be expelled outside the crop.

There are also other types of odor neutralizers for indoor crops, such as Neutralizing Gels.

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Active Carbon Filters and Anti-Odor Systems: Eliminate cannabis odour in an effective way

At calle25 you can buy the most efficient active carbon filters and anti-odour systems to combat and eliminate the characteristic smell of cannabis in your growing. Discover how these systems work and how you can maintain discretion and odour control in your growing space.

The importance of activated carbon filters in cannabis growing

When growing cannabis indoors, one of the most important challenges is controlling and eliminating the odour that plants give off during growth and flowering. For this, activated carbon filters are an essential tool. These filters are designed to trap and neutralise odour molecules, ensuring that the air coming out of the ventilation system is free of unwanted odours.

How activated carbon filters work

Activated carbon filters consist of a housing containing high quality activated carbon. Activated carbon is a porous material with a high adsorption capacity, which means that it can efficiently retain and remove odour molecules present in the air. As odour-contaminated air passes through the filter, the odour molecules attach themselves to the activated carbon particles, leaving the air clean and odour-free before being expelled from the ventilation system.

Anti-odour systems for complete control of the growing environment

In addition to activated carbon filters, there are more complete anti-odour systems that allow you to have complete control over the growing environment. These systems include not only activated carbon filters, but also quiet exhaust fans and proper ventilation ducts to ensure optimal air circulation. By combining these elements, you can ensure that the smell of cannabis stays inside the growing space and does not escape to the outside.

Benefits of anti-odour systems in cannabis growing

Anti-odour systems not only effectively eliminate cannabis odour, but also offer other important benefits. Maintaining proper odour control helps you maintain discretion and avoid problems with neighbours or unwanted situations. In addition, these systems contribute to maintaining a healthy growing environment by ensuring proper air circulation and preventing moisture build-up, which could lead to mould growth or other problems.

Anti-odour gels: An additional option to control cannabis odour

Aside from the activated carbon filters and anti-odour systems mentioned above, anti-odour gels are another popular option for controlling and reducing cannabis odour in indoor growing. These gels are a convenient and effective solution to neutralise unwanted odours.

How anti-odour gels work

Anti-odour gels are designed to absorb and neutralise odour molecules present in the air. These gels contain active substances that break down odour particles and reduce their intensity. As the air circulates around the gel, the odour molecules stick to it and are broken down, leaving the air cleaner and fresher.

Using anti-odour gels in cannabis growing

Anti-odour gels are especially useful when trying to control odour in smaller areas or in spaces where you don't have good ventilation. These gels are easy to use, as they are simply placed on the affected area and the gel absorbs and neutralises odours.

Considerations when using anti-odour gels

When using anti-odour gels, it is important to keep a few considerations in mind to get the best results:

Proper placement: Place anti-odour gels in strategic areas of the growing space where odour is most intensely generated and accumulated.

Regular replacement: Anti-odour gels have a limited shelf life and will eventually become saturated with absorbed odour molecules. Be sure to replace them according to the manufacturer's instructions to maintain their effectiveness.

Compatibility with growing: Check that anti-odour gels are safe for use in cannabis growing and will not adversely affect plants.

Maintenance: Make sure to regularly clean the area where the anti-odour gels are placed to avoid residue build-up and maintain their effectiveness.

It is important to note that anti-odour gels do not completely eliminate odour, but significantly reduce it. Therefore, if you are looking for a more complete and effective solution to odour control in a larger growing space, it is recommended to combine the use of odour gels with an air filtration system, such as an activated carbon filter and a suitable extractor fan.

Activated carbon filters and anti-odour systems are essential tools for any cannabis grower who wants to efficiently control and eliminate odour in the growing space. By investing in these systems, you can ensure a discreet growing environment free of unwanted odours. Remember to choose quality products and size your systems appropriately for the needs of your growing space.

Enjoy successful growing with no worries about odour!