In this section you will find the complete grow tents kit, equipped with the necessary material and conditioned to each surface. You will find kits of different sizes, depending on the needs and space available to the cultivator. Each complete grow tent kit is equipped with its corresponding lighting kits, air extractors, carbon filters and all the necessary accessories for efficient indoor cultivation.

Kits of indoor growing tents.

If you are thinking of growing cannabis indoors and you intend to buy a kit for indoor cannabis cultivation, in this section you will find kits of grow tents with all the necessary material to make your own self-cultivation.

The first thing we need to know is what size of grow tent we want to buy, so we need to be clear about the location where we are going to grow. We recommend that it is a space where there is some kind of exit to the outside.  As soon as we are clear about the space we will occupy, we will decide what type of cabinet is best for us, bearing in mind that the larger the cabinet, the more plants we will be able to grow in it.

In Calle25 you will find grow tents ranging from 60 x 60 x 160 x 160 to 240 x 120 x 200, with intermediate sizes such as grow tents 80 x 80 x 160, grow tents 100 x 100 x 100 x 200, grow tents 120 x 120 x 200 and grow tents 150 x 150 x 200. Depending on the size of the grow tent we choose, we can introduce more or less plants, depending on the capacity of the pot, from Calle25 we recommend indoor growing in pots of 11 litres in seed.

Indoor LED grow  Sodium indoor culture  Indoor cultivation LEC

How do I know what lighting kit I need for my grow tent?

For a grow tent of 100 x 100, i.e. one m2 we need a power of 400W, for smaller grow tents, grow tents 60 x 60 and 80 x 80 we will use a lighting kit of 200 or 250W, giving as an option also CFL bulbs of low consumption. For grow tents larger than 1 m2, such as 120 x 120 or 150 x 150 grow tents. In areas such as a 240 x 120 grow tent, we should use a combination of two 600W lighting kits to provide the necessary amount of light for the entire tent.

Sodium bulbs emit heat for the correct development of the plant, but we must know that cannabis plants need an ideal temperature to be able to develop optimally. The temperature should be between 19ºC - 26ºC. In addition, they need humidity, in the growth phase, between 55 - 65%, while in the flowering phase, between 45 - 55% humidity. To know all this, we include a thermo-hygrometer in all our grow kits. In case we need more humidity, it would be necessary to buy a humidifier.

Once we are clear about four of the most important things, the space where to place the grow tent, the size that best suits our conditions, the indoor lighting kit we need and how to know the parameters of our crop, ventilation appears on the scene.

Cheap indoor grow kit

At Calle25 we have made basic indoor grow kits, that is, kits with just the right material to carry out a crop. In a basic grow tent we find the necessary material to be able to carry out our cultivation, in a complete grow tent, we incorporate more material for a better cultivation and much more optimal conditions. Each person grows in a different place, so the conditions are different for everyone, so there is material that not everyone may need. If this is your case, we recommend a basic grow tent that will be cheaper and more economical, but what extra material does a complete grow tent contain?

Complete indoor grow tents.

Complete indoor growing cabinets are packs that are widely purchased by customers, not everyone knows how to calculate the ideal material to carry out an entire crop, for that reason, people tend to buy complete packs. Well for that reason and because buying the complete pack is much cheaper

Accessories for indoor cultivation

When we choose a complete grow cabinet kit, there is normally all the necessary material to grow, it is true that sometimes we find kits in which there is too much material or some kits in which very important things may be missing, then I will indicate the necessary material so that carry out your cultivation from start to finish.

grow tent

Grow tents help us maintain temperature, humidity, odors, and light cycles much more easily. In addition, the walls of the grow cabinets are lined with mylar (reflective plastic) of incredible quality, with which we achieve better light reflection.

Grow tent

Grow Tent

Indoor grow kit without tent

Currently we do not offer complete kits without a grow tent, it is one of the pending tasks, since those who have rooms to grow crops can line the walls with reflective Mylar paper and thus avoid buying the grow tent, in this way they can save a few euros.

Lighting for indoor crops

Currently there are several different types of lighting to grow indoors. One of the most recommended things to adjust the height of the lighting are the Easy Rollers, pulleys that allow the height of the lamps to be adjusted easily. It is very useful in complete kits.

Low consumption indoor growing kit

With the low consumption lighting kits we can grow in small size cabinets, cabinets of 60 x 60 or maximum 80 x 80. We do not recommend growing with CFL lamps (Low consumption) in larger tents, since the production would be very low. In the current market we find low consumption lamps of 125w, 150w, 200w, 250w and 300w.

Indoor grow kit 250w (Sodium)

With the 250w Hps (sodium) lamps we can grow between 3 and 5 marijuana plants in grow tent from 60 x 60 to 100 x 100 cm cabinets, this lighting power is more advisable for 80x80 tents, since in grow tents smaller ones heat too much and in cabinets of 1m2 it does not give enough performance. Although it could be used in these three tents sizes.

400w indoor grow kit (sodium)

This lighting kit is ideal for cabinets of 1m2 (100x100cm), between 7 and 10 floors. With this type of lighting in 1m2 cabinets we can produce up to 450gr, although this will depend on the variety grown.

600w indoor grow kit (sodium)

The 600w kits can be used for surfaces up to 150x150, although the ideal size for this type of spotlight is 120x120 grow tents, being able to produce up to 1gr/w, that is, about 600gr per spotlight. In each focus we can put around 10 to 15 plants.

1000w indoor grow kit (sodium)

Currently, due to the high price of electricity and how expensive the 1000w kits are, there is not much demand for this type of lamps and people prefer to buy 2 lighting kits of 600w, it is much cheaper and allows to cover more surface luminous

Full Indoor LED Grow Kit

LED lighting systems are currently working very well, since electricity consumption is very low and they do not heat up as much as sodium or Lec kits, which allows us to grow crops in summer. To carry out an indoor LED grow kit, it is necessary to choose a quality system, nothing from Chinese kits that we can buy on Amazon. In the complete LED grow tents kits you will find a 60 x 60 LED grow kit, an 80 x 80 LED grow kit, a 100 x 100 LED grow kit, a 120 x 120 LED grow kit, one 150 x150 and another 240x120.

If you want to know more about LED growing we recommend you to have a look at "Characteristics to take into account about LED lights".

full grow tent LED

Full Indoor LED Grow Kit

Ventilation in my complete indoor grow tent kit.

With each growing kit we will find an air extractor and an air intractor. The air extractor is used to extract the hot air from inside our grow tent, it will depend on the size of the tent, as we will need to extract more or less m3/h of air, and it will vary in different sizes of mouth, diameters 100, 125, 150... It is placed in the upper part of the cabinet, because the hot air rises. The air intractor is used to bring cold air into our cabinet, it is placed in the lower part of the cabinet, so that the cold air reaches the lower part of our plants. The same thing happens with the air intractor, calculating how many m3/h we need to extract, we will have to calculate when m3/h must enter.

Thanks to the air intractor and the air extractor, we renew the air in our grow tent. We also incorporate aluconnect tube to be able to extract the air from the extractor to the open air, so that the hot air goes outside and the intractor absorbs the fresh air from the room where we have placed our grow tent kit.

All this material is included in all our grow tent kits, whether it is a basic or a complete grow tent.

Carbon filter for grow tents.

The charcoal filter is responsible for absorbing the smell that our cannabis plants give off. Everyone knows the power and strength of the smell of cannabis, so by placing a carbon filter next to the extractor, it will absorb the odours and prevent most of them from going outside.

charcoal filter

Charcoal Filter

Pots suitable for growing indoors

Our advice for growing indoors is to use black pots, and if grown from seed use 11 liter pots. If cuttings are grown, we recommend using 7 litres.
It is advisable to have a drip tray under the pots, since if not when watering, the bottom will be filled with water and dirt. In our kits we always include the water collection trays.

Measuring devices

In indoor crops it is very important to know the temperature and humidity of the growing area, for the same reason it is very important that the grow tent kit includes a digital thermo-hygrometer.



Do you already know which grow kit you want? Is a complete grow kit better than a basic grow kit? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you already have all the necessary material, and you only need the grow tent, you can buy just the grow tent.

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