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Here you will find all the rules, laws and terms contained in Luferviga, SLU, to purchase on our online page and will have to be respected and understood by users or users who use it, being them or them responsible for purchases, otherwise Calle25, is not responsible for the misuse of it.

Content and articles directed to adults

All items on this site are intended for buyers of legal age, and have the capacity and responsibility to acquire the products displayed on our website and always respecting the laws of their place of origin, for this reason the user or user agrees to a correct use of the same respecting the laws and not use it for illicit uses.

The sale to minors is strictly prohibited, so we ask that all user data are truthful, and in the event that a minor enters our website providing false information Calle25 would not be responsible, but in the event that we have the slightest suspicion of fraud in age we could contact to require by an identification document to prove their age of majority, in the case of failure to submit such a document Calle25 proceed to the cancellation of the account and the order of which would be credited the amount minus the management costs.

- The registered user is solely responsible for keeping the password to your account secret. All actions carried out from your account are your responsibility. Be sure to always log out when leaving the website. If you notice any unauthorised use of your account, please inform us immediately at

- The user accepts all general terms and conditions without exception, and acknowledges that he/she uses this website freely and consciously, and that all actions carried out on the registered user's account are his/her sole responsibility.

- The user is obliged to make proper use of this website and must respect all the laws in force in his/her country. In case of not respecting the laws in force in their country, Luferviga, SLU discharges all responsibility and liability on the user of the website in case of problems with the law.

Returns and Cancellations

- In case of return, this must be made within 7 working days of receipt of the package and should contact us via e-mail to the following address: explaining the reason for the return and providing the following information: name and order number.

- The product must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered, i.e. unused and in its original packaging (unbroken) and in good condition, otherwise the return will not be accepted.

- We will not accept returns of any item that is used or unsealed, and in no case will we accept books, DVDs, lamps and scales.

- All expenses derived from the return will be paid by the customer (handling, transport and bank charges).

- Once the goods have been received in our shop and the condition of the goods has been checked, they will be refunded by bank transfer once all the costs incurred in the return have been deducted.

- Once the order has been prepared or sent, it cannot be cancelled or modified.

- In the event that you wish to cancel the order because you no longer want the goods or because of regret, 5% of the total order will be deducted for preparation costs plus bank charges for the return and in the event that the order has been shipped, the transport costs will also be deducted.

Laws On The Sale Of Marijuana Seeds

The 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs as amended by the 1972 Protocol amending the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which reads:

"Cannabis" means the flowering or fruiting tops of the cannabis plant (with the exception of seeds and leaves not attached to the tops) from which the resin has not been extracted, by whatever name they may be called.

In Spain, the sale of cannabis seeds is legal as long as the laws in force in Spain are respected.

 Calle25 sells cannabis seeds for collecting purposes to adults, and users who use them for cultivation are kindly requested to inform themselves of the legality in force in their country of origin and not to break the law.

Calle25 does not make any kind of apology or incitement and all the information you will find on our website is for information purposes only, not for prohibited activities.

Calle25 is not responsible for the improper use that other people may make of the marijuana seeds it sells, it is for this reason that the user or user is informed before buying on our website of the laws in force in their country in relation to what relates to cannabis.

Calle25 advises users to be responsible, be informed and respect the rules and laws of their country of origin to avoid any problems with justice.

Calle25 accepts no responsibility if they are used by the buyer for human consumption or for the use of third parties.

Claiming cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds are for collection and in many countries their germination is forbidden, therefore it is the responsibility of the buyer to inform himself about the laws in force in his country and to respect them in order not to have any problem with the justice.

To claim the germination of any seed you will have to send us the packaging, seed and the method used for germination, all this we will send it to the bank producer of the seed and it is who after analysis will take the decision to send them again. 

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