BHO, in this section you will find the material to make cannabis extracts, known as BHO.
In order to perform the BHO extraction, we need an extraction tube, either metal, plastic or borosilicate glass, depending on the experience of each one. Also, we need a butane gas canister with no impurities, such as hummingbird gas.
First we will fill the entire tube with cannabis buds and close it. Then we will put an hour in the freezer. To continue the process it is important to do it in a ventilated place and outdoors. When that hour passes we will take a large container, and we will take out the tube.
On each side of the tube we will find some holes, one inlet and others outlet, we will place the outlet on the container and in the inlet hole we will inject the gas (as if we were filling a lighter).
Then a brown liquid will come out, then we will have a mixture between butane and resin that will have to be purged by evaporating the gas, the way to evaporate it will be through a water bath, important not to let the water come to a boil.
From here the BHO is ready, to enjoy.
* We recommend the use of gloves since the cold of the frozen gas could burn us.

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