Tuesday, 19th April 2022

Distinguishing male and female cannabis plants

In cannabis we can find male and female cannabis plants, in this section we will help you to identify the sex of your plant and you will have no doubts if you are growing male cannabis plants or female cannabis plants.

Friday, 4th March 2022


In this post we show you the most productive autoflowering seed varieties of 2021, both for outdoor and indoor growing.

Wednesday, 16th February 2022


In Le Perthús - La Jonquera you will find your Calle25 CBD store. In it you will have at your fingertips different CBD products, different forms and formats, from flowers, to oils, through creams and extractions, among many other things.

Wednesday, 17th November 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of growing with LED systems.

In this post we will learn about many of the advantages and some of the disadvantages of growing cannabis plants with LED lighting systems.

Tuesday, 16th November 2021

What to know before buying an LED system.

Before buying an LED system it is necessary to take into account certain characteristics, know the technical terms and what they refer to. In this post you will learn what LED light is, types of LEDs, benefits and differences of LED light spectrums.

Thursday, 4th November 2021

The most powerful marijuana strains in THC

In this post you will find the most powerful feminized marijuana strains in THC in our catalogue, it is possible that there are slightly more powerful strains in the world, but if it is not on this list, we do not have it yet.

Saturday, 30th October 2021


In this section we have regrouped the fastest feminized marijuana strains for indoors and outdoors. Very fast varieties so that you have your harvest as soon as possible.

Friday, 29th October 2021

The fastest autoflowering marijuana strains on the market

In this section you will find the fastest autoflowering marijuana seed varieties on the market, with the most current varieties for 2020 and 2021. If you are looking to harvest as quickly as possible, these are your varieties.

Tuesday, 26th October 2021

Feeding schedule and Advanced Nutrients products

In this blog post you will find the feeding schedule and description of all Advanced Nutrients products, since Calle25 has all of them to sell.

Tuesday, 13th April 2021


In this post we have made a selection of the most powerful autoflowering seed strains in THC of 2021.

Saturday, 12th December 2020

Hesi fertilizers and additives

In this post we explain the range of HESI fertilizers and additives, in it you will find a small description of the products, dosage and feeding schedule.

Saturday, 5th December 2020


Prot-eco is a line of 100% organic professional products to combat pests, deficiencies and plant diseases, with the highest quality and efficiency.

Saturday, 21st November 2020

First step towards the legalization of marijuana in Mexico

The Senate has passed a bill that decriminalizes the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana and paves the way for the creation of a legal market.

Saturday, 14th November 2020

Everything you need to know about 'Biobizz'

Biobizz WorldWide Organics is a company dedicated to the production and export of 100% certified organic nutrients and substrates for organic agriculture, the objective of which is to minimize the impact of this crop on the planet.