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PRICE 250 ML. : 14,80 € 13,32 €

PRICE 500ML : 27 € 24,30 €

PRICE 1L : 53 € 47,70 €

PRICE 5L : 230 € 207 €

PRICE 10L : 410 € 369 €

PRICE 20L : 705 € 634,50 €


PRICE 500ML : 6 €

PRICE 1L. : 10 €

PRICE 5L : 48 €

PRICE 10L : 96 €

PRICE 20L : 160 €


PRICE 500ML : 6 €

PRICE 1L : 10 €

PRICE 5L : 50 €

PRICE 10L : 88 €


PRICE 500 ML : 7 €

PRICE 1L : 11,50 €

PRICE 5L : 52 €

PRICE 10L : 99 €

PRICE 20L : 175 €


PRICE 250ML : 8,88 € 7,99 €

PRICE 500ML : 15,90 € 14,31 €

PRICE 1L : 29,60 € 26,64 €

PRICE 5L : 137,50 € 123,75 €

PRICE 10L : 251,80 € 226,62 €

PRICE 20L : 442 € 397,80 €


PRICE 250ML : 19,50 €

PRICE 500ML : 38 €

PRICE 1L : 65 €

PRICE 5L : 324 €

PRICE 10L : 620 €


PRICE 250ML : 5,80 €

PRICE 500ML : 10,70 €

PRICE 1L : 16 €

PRICE 5L : 65 €

PRICE 10L : 118 €

PRICE 20L : 224 €


PRICE 250ML : 7,50 € 6,75 €

PRICE 500ML : 13,70 € 12,33 €

PRICE 1L : 24 € 21,60 €

PRICE 5L : 108 € 97,20 €


PRICE 250ML : 4,90 € 4,41 €

PRICE 500ML : 8,99 € 8,09 €

PRICE 1L : 15,60 € 14,04 €

PRICE 5L : 70,20 € 63,18 €


PRICE 250ML : 5,90 € 5,31 €

PRICE 500ML : 8,90 € 8,01 €

PRICE 1L : 14,80 € 13,32 €

PRICE 5L : 66,70 € 60,03 €


PRICE 250ML : 5,90 € 5,31 €

PRICE 500ML : 8,90 € 8,01 €

PRICE 1L : 14,80 € 13,32 €

PRICE 5L : 66,70 € 60,03 €


PRICE KIT : 73 € 65,70 €


Price Try Pack indoor : 15 € 13,50 €




TRY PACK STIMULANT : 26,50 € 23,85 €

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Biobizz worldwide organics is a fertilizer brand that is dedicated to the production and export of 100% certified organic nutrients and substrates. The company has more certificates than any other company in the organic sector to guarantee the origin and manufacturing process of all Biobizz products. The company was born in 1992 in Groningen, the Netherlands. At that time it was a small family brand with a much smaller product line, although it already followed the same natural and organic philosophy. Currently, biobizz is present in 64 countries.


The objective of the brand is to create a line of biological products and for this Biobizz only uses 100% certified natural ingredients of controlled origin and of the highest quality, in all its products.

Biobizz worldwide has created a stock of products without any synthetic pesticides, artificial additives or harmful heavy metals.

How to use the biobizz tables?

Marijuana plants have different phases during which different amounts of nutrients are needed. One of the phases is the growth phase, where the marijuana plant will need high levels of nitrogen. Another phase of cultivation is the flowering phase, where plants demand nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium.

To find out how to use the products, consult the biobizz tables that you will find on our blog.


Biobizz has created a line of biological products intended for the organic cultivation of marijuana plants and for this it has a range of liquid fertilizers, powder fertilizers, substrate enhancers, substrates, coconut fiber, deficiency correctors, flowering stimulators, etc. We explain it to you below.

Root stimulator:

When starting the crop, one of the most important parts is to develop the root system, that is, to use a root stimulator to obtain larger and healthier roots. By having larger and healthier roots, the plants will consume more food and result in more abundant productions. For this, Biobizz has created Root Juice, an organic root stimulator.

Base fertilizers for the growth phase:

The brand has created two base fertilizers for the growth phase, those fertilizers are Bio Grow and Fish Mix. Knowing which one to use is very easy, if you grow indoors the brand advises you to use Bio Grow and if you grow outdoors it is best to use Fish Mix.

Base fertilizer for the flowering phase:

In order to nourish our flowering plants, we must use Bio Bloom, this organic fertilizer for the flowering phase will provide our plants with everything necessary to be able to produce abundant and resinous buds. Bio Bloom is a flowering fertilizer for outdoor and indoor growing.

Plant stimulators:

If you are looking to produce large yields and much more compact and resinous buds, we recommend using Top Max. Top Max is a 100% organic bloom stimulator.

Within the stimulators you will also find Bio Heaven, this product will give your plants a boost of energy and will reinforce the structural walls of the plants.

Now is the time to talk about Alg-A-Mic, this product has been formulated so that your plants are happy and free of stress. Alg-a-Mic rescues your plants from deficiencies, diseases, over fertilization, etc.

Another of the brand's stimulators is Acti vera, a product designed to protect the immune system of plants and improve the absorption of nutrients.


If you are an organic grower and do not know how to correct the pH of irrigation water, Biobizz makes it easy for you with its organic pH correctors. Bio Down to lower the pH and Bio Up to increase it.

If your plants have deficiencies, try to solve it as quickly as possible with fertilizers, but sometimes it is not enough. For this the brand has created CalMag, this product corrects several deficiencies, but its function is to correct calcium and magnesium deficiencies.

Protect your plants:

One of the most common problems of marijuana crops are insects, fungi and / or excess temperature. The brand has created Leaf Coat a specific natural latex-based product to protect your plants from all these problems.

Try packs and complete packs:

Biobizz has tried to make the work easier for the grower by creating specific packs for different types of crops. Among the packs we find: Try pack Indoor (for indoor growing), Try pack Outdoor (for outdoor growing), Try pack Hydro (for growing in hydroponics), Try pack Stimulant (for those who want to get more out of their crops) and Starter Pack (the most complete pack of all).

Substrates for marijuana plants:

Biobizz has created a line of soil for marijuana plants in organic cultivation, in terms of substrate, we found a lighter one in terms of fertilizer such as Light Mix and a much more complete substrate such as All Mix. If you are one of those who grow in coconut fiber, for this you must use Coco mix.

Soil improvers:

If you are one of the growers who reuse the substrate, or those who prefer to make their own substrate, Biobizz offers you its own worm castings and Pre-Mix. With these two products you can create your best substrate or even improve the one you already have.

You will also find all Biobizz products at Themariashop.